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Clutch resurface?

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Ok I know the 3 pad clutch pads are $4.00 on ebay. With that in mind I have 2 projects, an S4 Cobra quad and a Baja Racer, both have clutch issues.

The S4 does not pull hardly at all it is geared 6/64. Looking at also putting a 44mm big bore on it go give it some go. (Looking at really suping this engine up, Ideas?)

The Baja is a much bigger clutch but is glazed all the way around on the inside half of the pads. These are more like $44.00.

I was wondering if I could just take something like 200 grit sand paper and take the glaze off the pads and the inside of the drum to get me by for a little bit? Thanks in advance!!
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Deglaze the pads with 100 grit.....deglaze the drum too........when you go to takeoff hit the gas hard dont ease into the throttle or youll reglaze them......
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