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I rate it a high priority...If the mix cant flow seamlessly the engine cant produce true power smooth and seemlessly in all powerbands..............

Cag engines were ripped off from lawn equipment engines.....Those engines are designed for repetition and longevity....Theyre designed retarded in ignition timing aswell as port timing and such

The bottomends are chocked full of sharp edges and shelves that hinder the paths from the carb to the topend..............

If you get rid of the obstructions and shelves and protrusions that hinder flow and smoth them out true performance will prevail..........

Bone stock case......Look at all the sharp edges and hinderances to velocity and flow..

Heres one side shaped out to define the way the path should flow.....The trick is to define the path without removing too much case material.....

Heres both halves done....As you can see I shaped the bottomend transfer port thresholds like a set of ramps.......Velocity and flow follows the path of least resistance...I also opened up the case part where it hinders flow into the 3rd boost port I have grinded in

Heres the bottomend totally race ported....Flow has been enhanced by 65%

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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