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Crazy vibration

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Like topic says.. I get this harsh feet tingling vibration at near full throttle. So I removed engine mount/screw and added a make shift rubber sleeve over the screw an put it back toghter. It help alittle but I was wondering has anyone found a solution to this vibration madness??
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These single cylinder bikes vibrate alot and with Blue CDI and HP Coil, It revs higher than stock, more Vibration, not to mention it's made in China.
Don't really know if it's to much or there is an internal problem, might ask the place you bought it from.
Well I've herd of vibration concerns and figure it's just normal at average speeds its a clean ride. I guess like you said its a Chinese atv so the frame probable plays a role in the vibration maybe stronger metal thicker bolts might help.
The 125 has a longer stroke than a 110cc, an a long stroke will vibrate more than a short one.
All the rubber washers in the world could reduce the vibes as much as a 3/8" drillbit and 3/8" hardened studs aswell as PL polyeurethane in a tube to slather the mount hole and bolt...........Make sure the studs are hardened like grade 10 and tighten to 130ft lbs.........

If you look at the micro fisches of the ATC 125 theres a front engine mount that attaches to the front rocker arm cover...The added mount will stifle alot of vibes when the unbalanced engine is set stiffer to allow less unbalanced vibration movement.................

After that using thinner synthetic engine oil and balancing the clutch will helf out alot..........Those auto clutches are made of casted steel and they arent balanced before and after assembly.........

on my 110cc full auto X22 I just removed the centrifugal clutch and simply static balanced it...That simple balancing done reduced the vibes alot............Good Luck
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There is no QC to check the parts, they grab one and slam it on. I got a cyld kit new, it was warped.
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