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custom 110 chopper trade for r32 or x18

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hello im new to pocket bikes bought a 110 lincon chopper did custom paint it looks real bad *** and will fly has drag pipes lots of air brushing pain only 3 days old wana trade for a nice r32 with some mods or a nice x 18 with some mods no full auto perfer manual but will do semi auto mine is 4 down with no clutch please hit me up with offers n charleston wv or will sell 800 buyer covers shipping thts wat i hav n it


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well look like no ones interested n choppers on here shoot me an offer worst i can say is no
Might try the forum marketplace. May get some more interest in it there.

Good Luck!
i got it posted on thier i found it after i made this one but still no ones interested in it wich i can understand y i like my big chopper but idc for this one its fun to cruze around shows on but the mini sport bikes are alot funner to me anyway
Roll it outside and take some better pictures. Definitely easier to sell that way especially with the custom paint.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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