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Died While Riding?

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My bike died while stopping @ a stop light. I was in the "Hood" also it was day time so I was good there. Neway I put a New 110cc E22 motor on it not to long ago. After awhile I can start it but it don't run right & eventually dies then won't start for awhile I'm guess till it cools.
I took the carb off & apart n looked at it seemed fine it was brand new as well. Any Ideas would be great since I use this as my daily driver during the summer.

Oh another question. The exhaust pipe is getting way hot & melting as well. It's from my old motor a 49cc. Where could I get a new 1 at?

Any & all help is much appreciated.
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look for a slipped wire or poor connection...if all seems good grab a multimeter and test the stator...sounds like its crapping out...between the red wire with black stripe and green wire you should get between 450 and 550 k ohms when testing at 2000 or 2k ohms..Good luck
ok wires all look good. I tested with my meter & I got 329 @ the CDI Plug without the cdi plugged in & motor off with key off. My wires are Red with Black Stripe & Green with White Line. Those sound right?

If it is my stator it is new with motor. Have any Idea why it would go bad so fast? I have hardly put any miles on it. I've only went thru a tank n half of gas.
Thx Cam 2
Might be a Bad CDI, and no spark, have you checked for a spark w/ the plug out?
Yea it has spark. That was 1 of the first things I chked. I was thinkin CDI also but it has spark & runs just not for long.
Sounds like your pilot jet is dirty or clogged. It has a .016" hole, bike will not run like that. Does the bike run with the choke on, that's another sign.
ok so I haven't made any real progress with this. I forgot to mention the the wire thats goes on the plug just came off 1 day while I was going down the road & now the top of my plug is black like it's burnt. What voltage should my coil have? Since it popped off it's lose now & I have to go to a therapy session 4 my hand so I put a wire on it to make sure it didn't pop off on me.
A bad coil can start and run when its cold and when it gets hot, it stops.
Sounds like your wire ends are loose at the coil and and spark plug ends. Alot of them screw on, take them off cut 1/2" off each end and screw them back on. Sounds like your spark is jumping to the plug or to gaps in wire, makes the coil hot and it could cause your coil to go Bad. You can get a new HP orange coil for $24 online.
I ordered a new coil it's not the hp 1 cause I didn't want to spend the extra money & that not b it. I will get a hp coil & CDI down the road though after I get her back up n running. Thx for the response I'll post back n a few days after my new coil gets here & is installed. Thanks again
The dieing issue sounds like a lean condition, as does the pipe melting.... Lean burning creates hotter than normal combustion temps....i would look at the carb for crud in the bowl/jets.

(i hot rod real cars as one of my main hobbies...LOL)
Carb is clean it started heating the pipe up since the first time I changed from the 49cc to the 110cc. I've took the carb apart 3 or 4 times to check it.
I know this don't matter but both carb's I've tried are brand new. I bought 1 when I bought the new motor & seems like a junk air cleaner & had them send me a new carb cause it was broke(dosen't affect the way it works).
Can you pull your spark plug and tell us what color it is? If its brownish, youre running right, black is lean, gray is rich.... Thats one of the easiest ways to tell how its running!
It's more black than anything else. Could that b partly cause of the junk air cleaner?
even my plugs on my old 49cc motor were black with a diff carb fyi
Black is rich or rings burning oil, or valve guides leaking oil into the cylinder on a 4 stroke. A 2 stroke has oil in the gas, so that's alittle different. Your exhaust getting too hot sounds like a lean condition very strange.
It may just be the pipe maybe kinda blocked from the welds of the pipe somewhere thats making it heat up and die. Ive seen it before here many times over the years. Its burning rich since the plug is black. But also check the vent hole in your gas cap cause some come from the factories kinda plugged up with plastic from how they make the hole looks like they used a hot needle and its melted plastic thats been melted. This will make it die and not start for a bit until enough air gets back in the tank to allow it to flow like it should until it runs for a bit and does it again. Sometimes you need to think outside the box
I use a auto or truck brake bleeder screw, drill and tap the gas cap and thread it to the size of the bleeder, use some sealer and thread it in. It has a hole on the side, so its hard for gas to come up and you can mod the bottom inside rubber piece to fit over the bottom of the screw.
On my Cags, when I run a Walbro w/ a return line, it goes back to the Cap.


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sounds like you may need to do a valve adjustment...when a plug gets black in a 4 stroke usually its too much oil added or the intake/exhaust valve doesnt seal all the way tightly..
Then why are you here, your a whole 16 yrs old now,lol.
Sp the coil solved the dieing issue. She runs without dieing now. Now I need to figure out why the plug is black. It's a brand new motor I know that don't mean much but thought I would throw that out there. Where can I get a Diagram of a 110cc E22? I've tore 1 of these apart or adjust the valves on 1. I'm sure I can do it but don't want to tear into it blind ya know. Thanks guys for all your responses & help.

As far as the gas cap goes it's metal with a key lock in it. There is no hole in it. The cap that's on there now came from the factory so there shouldn't be an issue with it.
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