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DIY: Cag Powered Bike

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Ive been away from small engine building for a while but wanted to attempt this project because I have a nice pocket bike engine with lotz of modz and a spare mountain bike. I plan on attaching the sprocket to the bikes front sprocket. I included pictures of my engine and the bike. Im a little uncertain with the whole assembly of the engine so I will be updating my progress and asking for some advice and tips. Please comment if you any helpful information on the mounting or assembly of then engine or gearing. Thanks.

Questions: What spark plug should I use? Green or Blue reeds? Any idea on size of jet? Any special assembly required for the head kit?

Engine Modz: balanced and lightened flywheel, b00sted's bbk, polini reeds, dellorto carb, ip2 pipe, ported and matched everything, stock clutch and springs (suggestions)

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Nice project....You need to raceport the case for velocity and flow,,,window the piston with either 4-5 or 6 windows depending on how many ports you have.....The stock clutch can be modded to have between 300-1500rpm's above stock depending on how you mod it.......

Theres a member named gera229 who has a bike build-up...his engine mount is quite simple but looks pretty effective except for he needs an upper engine mount.......Good luck with your build.........
I plan on using this gear box http://www.tsunamibike.com/catalog/item/5535391/7025903.htm with 17t front gear and 54t rear mounted to another sprocket using 25h chain. All the sprocket mounting stuff will be from tsunami. Very similar design to gera's build. I still haven't decided on the engine mount. As for the piston I'm just going to leave it the way boosted had it, just the boost port hole on the side. I will definitely be cutting and reangling the exhaust. I will be keeping the clutch and springs stock. Jets and reeds will be decided later, any ideas on which spark plug to use, and will I need any pneumatic tools for the engine assembly, and should I lock tite any of the bolts?

BTW: I misplaced the 2 pins that go between the crank case, anyone know where I can get some?
Are you leaving the pedals on. It going to be alot of work to make it work. I have seen bikes kits w/ 88cc engine, gas tank and everything you need for $129, and you can still pedal the bike. You can get a better deal on Ebay, I got mine for $25. Tsun shipping is pretty steep, another $15 0r $20.
Yes I do plan on keeping the pedals on. I don't see this being too difficult. As for the gearbox and sprocket mounting hardware, I'll check eBay for better prices. I can't start engine assembly until I get those 2 crank case pins, I haven't found a site that sells them separately.
Are you talking about the two small pins in the cases, that aline the halves?? You can get a small drill bit about .187" to around .192". I ground 2 pieces of that drill on my bench grinder and ground them to length. Find a drill that fits tight in the hole, and mod it to fit.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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