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dm telai help

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Just purchase an 06-07 dm gp1 from an Australian site, I payed to much for what I received I got ripped, anyways I'm trying to get the bike back up to par, want to bring it back to all original, the bike has a lot of mix stuff tossed on it, does any one know of any place I can find parts for it? Or any info of what the bike had when stock?
Like my blata I can easily find stuff for because blata USA sent me the owners Manual and
It has all the parts listed on it for my blata. Is there any where I can get that info for my dm?
Is there any other places in USA that have every part for the dm? Any help would be appreciated
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Where do you live?? I don't know what a DM GP1 Telai is, it might be a Polini rep engine. I have a 50cc C1 copy bike and a 40cc Polini rep engine and am putting in an MTA2 Cag frame. You might look at Tsunamibike in Canada. The have BZM, Polini, Blata real and copy parts. Midsouthminimoto has alot of parts too.
I tried tsunami it looks like they are sold out of most dm parts,
Gana try mid south thanks for the info
Try Minimoto racing in Great Britain - I think they import DM's and Scotty really knows his stuff!!!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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