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PoCkEtBiKeRiDeR7 said:
I just bought my walbro carb and airfilter and i was wondering if this added anything to my bike. Will the bike go faster, and would the engine run better?
as for speed, it will roughly top at the same without the carb. but *** for getting up to top speed, it will be a little quicker. there is a post couple of threads down where to have a noticable gain, you need to work on the motor inside out.

ex: ported cylinder, or bb kit, stroker kit etc..

i have the walbro 668 and it is great. has good response and does make a small improvement over the stock carb (but u can make the stock carb perform as good by rejetting it and getting an adj. taper needle)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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