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Electric START PROBLEMS & Lights dimming help!

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Hi guys! can you guys help me fix this problem, when i push my electric starter on my bike it makes clicking sound or some sort or sound but the lights dim when i press the button and oh yeah i also hod the brake lever down but still nothing. when you press the button should the choke be on or off?
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Maybe ur batterie is running low.im not a mechanic it's just a suggestion
i have no idea but it has power and i just charged it
Wait for the real mechanics to wake up like CAM2, EPR, and N!pples
Why didn't buy a cateye bike?there so ugly lol
Why didn't buy a cateye bike?there so ugly lol
are you asking me that question? or are you asking it to yourself ?
Sorry I'm on my iPad, it's kinda hard to type fast on it
I meant to say why DID u buy a cateye
i didn't buy them i traded junk i had in my garage for both my cateyes .
what i want is a bigger size pocketbike but there expensive lol
Yeah I no right! I had the chance to buy like 6 cateyes on Craigslist already but I can't get passed the looks, so instead I got ripped off by buyin a x2 that I was told ran perfect but needs a new carb
i want something that goes faster ! like a x18 or 19 ! i don't think i will ever be satisfied with how fast it goes on any bike i get haha!
have you brought a carb yet ? aren't they around $20-30 on eBay
i have a question, would you happen to know where the solenoid is at on my cateye?
Yeah I like x19's more than x18's , but i really want a x12 and I'm gettin one next time I get paid(next thurs) I got the bike last sat for 185 and they drove 2 and a half hours to bring it to me lol and I'm obsessed with acceleration/power I want a bike with like 30hp
No , to be honest I just started learning about engines etc when I got the bike.im more of an electronics person
Check out Cleveland Cyclewerks, they have some pretty crazy deals on bigger bikes... custom 250s for 2-5k, factory tuned to run perfectly whne you receive it, plenty of factory aftermarket performance upgrades.

Probably the best company to get a starter bike.

You could also get a european midbike, if you absolutely want something smaller.
Cleveland as in Cleveland Ohio?
I live in Ohio so all I have to do is drive there , winning!
but dont confuse these bikes with pocket bikes. they are REAL MOTORCYCLES, and require a license, registration and insurance.

I like the Heist alot, simple and elegant bobber style bike, with alot of room to work with. 3195$, and they have free shipping in canada.

also, check out the wide range of upgrades available, really alot you can do to it to get the most out of that 250.
1 - 20 of 37 Posts
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