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here is my x18
i could say tons about it but ill just say enjoy if you havent seen it
all rattle can
2 primer
2 gloss white
2 gloss red
3 clear
1.5 rolls of painters tape
1 sunday newspaper
2 sheets 400 wet/dry
2 sheets 1000 wet/dry
1 blister
YouTube - X18 Rising Sun Ninja


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Sorry about that, I was really busy the last couple days...

So I'm going to make a poll right now and hopefully we can get some vote casted.

How long should we leave the voting open before we decide who wins?

I'm thinking that "Hopefully" 2 weeks will be enough.


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Here is my crazy bike. Going to be attempting to beat RK's 92,6mph record just did 89mph the other day. Here is a mod list.....


X19 Midbike $600


KRP 140cc motor base $400


1. Billet Oil Cooler
2. Maxxis rear tire
3. TB 160cc bbk
4. TB 300 cam (curently not running in motor)
5. 28mm carb kit 30mm intake
6. Z-40 cam
7. Custom worked race head as well as all motor tuned by race engine builder
8. Big bore custom PBU pipe
9. Easy pull clutch lever and cable
10. Lighten oil slinger
11. new LED falsh lights (custom fabed into head light)
12. supported swingarm from welder
13. Dress up kit
14. Window support bars
15. Oil Catch bottle
16, Specially worked 6 plate clutch
17. 22 rear sprocket with grade 8 bolts and Loctite
18. 13/15/17/18 front sprockets
19. Extra CAT 5 porting
20. Head breather
21. See through, smooth role throttle assemble with cable
22. 12oClock bar
23. DID chain
24. Super coil
25. Tiny tachomer
26. Chrome, Cut out for sprocket, igition cover
27. tire stripes
28. GSXR Graphics
29. Rear red light
30. Pro comfort Grips
31. Akunar copper head gasket
32. 3 NGK Irdium Sprark Plugs
33. Larger main jet kit
34. Gas tank protecter/ gripper
35. Speedometer
36. 3 pints of royal purple 10W40 sythetic oil
37. 1 pint of royal purple Break in Oil
38. Dual layer air filter
39. TB shifter
40. 6 plate clutch


Front brake
Rear brake
Front tire

Parts that you arent running anymore but still got and payed for (all not in use)

Fox Rear shock
26mm carb
MIC 28mm carb
19mm carb
140cc cylinder and piston
extra 22 tooth sprocket
extra front sprockets

KBC Yellow tint
KBC Black tint
Front and rear LEDs

The labor and parts that I have forgetten likely the little trips up to the Local Ace to get the little things really addes up like paint and nuts and bolts and dont get me started on tools. Lots of restless nights and long days have been spent on the bike and working on the bike. This is a 1 in a million bike for sure and you wont find one with this much love and care into it. Thanks for reading about this very unique and fast bike Here is a walk around video and a top speed fly by.

YouTube - Custom X19 GSXR 1000 160cc

YouTube - fly by, top speed run

But who prays for Satan?
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Is there any way you can upload a photo to any hosting site and shoot me a link and I can add it for you?

Each entered bike should have a picture for people to see, if you want I can use the small one from your profile, but bigger is better.


Sorry I couldnt get my pictures to upload just check out my profile and the youtube videos you will see the bike in all its glory:cool:
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