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First time Owner from Indiana

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Well i just traded for a mini chopper. Don't know anything about it and neither did the former owner. i don't know the CC's, The model, care, the value, is it 2 stroke?, does it shift? or anything...i am ignorant to mini choppers for now...all i know is it is a terminator mini chopper. if anyone can tell me anything out this from this bad picture it would be appreciated. i will get better pics up this weekend when i pick it up (this is the photo he sent me). thx
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Is there a good website that sells these mini choppers and parts? I'm trying to do a little research before i pick this bike up. Would still like to know more about this bike from anyone who can. I am trading a Colts/Bud Light Neon bar sign for it. I paid $65 at auction for the sign and i could prolly get $200 for it but the bike "seems" like it is worth more bu I don't know so any help is good help :)
I just spoke with the guy trading this bike. I asking him if there is a clutch on the bars like a full size chopper cause i only see a hand brake in the pic. he said it shifts on the fly and u use the brake for shifting. is this right???
Welcome aboard, the bike is made in China, it looks like a 70cc 4 stroke Honda clone engine and probably a PZ16mm carb. Might have the semi-auto trans that has a shifter. Looks like yours is on the left side up front, and has a linkage to the engine, could be a 3 or 4 speed. Do you have a rear foot brake on the right side.
Pocketbikeparts in Florida and SP4L might have some parts for it.
thx for ur response...will have more detailed pics this weekend. if you had to make a guess just from what u see, what kinda price tag would u put on this bike?
when i go look at this bike is there somewhere on thebike i can look to tell me the CC of it? the owner isnt sure what it is
Looks to small to be a 110cc, 70cc would be my guess. How high is the black cylinder between the gaskets, just the Cyld only, 60mm, the bigger the engine the taller the cyld, think my 110cc is 73mm high.
Welcome from a fellow newbie! Where you at in IN? I am south side chicago just across yhe IL/in border....

Check the following:
missing body parts - if they are missing you most likely wont find them.
condition of rims - look for micro cracks in the spokes
forks - need to be in good condition
gas tank - no leaks

most other parts are available or "easily" fabricated.

If all looks good should be worth well over $500

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Im in Marion, lil bit north of Muncie.

Thx for the inspection tips. hopefully it is up to par and ill have it home saturday night
Any idea of the engine size??
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Genius drilled into the master cylinder....anyone know where i can get another one of these??
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Yeah, I think that's the one, looks just like yours cause the master cylinder is alum in color not black like the rest, and it says mini chopper.
When I'm not sure, I call them and then order over the phone. Been doing biz with them for 3 years, a nice lady answer the phone and they have people there that know about this stuff. Get $99+ and save a bundle on S/H cause it's Free.
WHO CARES, You can take you stupid site and shove it!!! 450 are for kids why not a BMW 1000RR 200 hp bike, you can put training wheels on it and you will have a 4 wheeler.
WHO CARES, You can take you stupid site and shove it!!! 450 are for kids why not a BMW 1000RR 200 hp bike, you can put training wheels on it and you will have a 4 wheeler.
It's all good. I reported him. You should do the same. He posted the same thing in my thread and several others. Why the ***ck would you join a pocket bike forum if you're so against them???
Cause he is 16 yrs old, and his hormones are out of control,lol.
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