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Fuel Cap Problem?

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So I have the stock x18 fuel cap that looks like this:

Now when I ride at any speed, it vibrates VERY violently and shakes and makes a very annoying noise. I tried to tape the spout of the tank and it worked, but when I tried to put the gas tank cover back on it wouldn't fit. What should I do to stop this vibrating? Thanks!
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I went and got a o ring to fit under the cap and mine has been fine no vibrating nothing all good
Alright thanks I will have to do that!
id try making a gasket on the cap out of foam or rubber, when i made a few gas caps out of pistons thats how i did it

ahh, took too long to post, beat me


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drgnprelude, what size o-ring did you use? Thanks!
Don't know I work at a auto garage and I have plenty of them in all different sizes so I found one to fit and stop rattling and that was it take the cap with you to a auto parts store or home depot or Lowe's and find one to fit up where the cap sits on the kneck or rim of the tank
i love having access to garage parts, you find things to work that you couldnt find elsewhere
when i see a part im thinkin how i can adapt it to the bike
the small ps cooler in the lower front of tons of cars/trucks would make a perfect oil cooler
the line splitter in the rear brakes would be awesome for a front dual system
That's why I wish I had access to a motorcycle salvage yard I would be in heaven this weekend is bike weekend up in Laconia so I'm heading up to see people bikes and see what I can adapt I also go to the local bike show cuz its 90% jap bikes the others are nice don't get me wrong but I've never seen anything I can use on these bikes from a Harley LOL
i would think alot would adapt, i need to find a yard myself, i need to put rear brakes back on the bike and i want some good rearsets
2000-02 gsxr rearsets line up with a little finagling if that helps at least they do on my 19 I wish that a decent set was not 250+tho
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