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Got A New Bike, Wont Start (pics)

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I recently picked up a Blata 2.5 and it wont start no matter what I do. Previous owner said that it sat for a year. I changed the spark plug, I'm thinking it's maybe the carb? Any help is greatly appreciated, thank you! Anyway, here is the bike:

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Thats a pretty nice looking Blata 2.5.........

pull the gastank and fuellines,,

pull the carb and disassemble it......clean out whole bowl and carb body

pull the sparkplug and replace,,BM6A gapped to .030"

flush out tank and add new 1/4" fuellines/fuel filter

inspect the reeds to make sure theyre still sealing

reassemble carb,,reinstall tank with new 1/4" fuellines and fuel filter,,reinstall the carb

Mix fresh premium fuel 93 octane with premuim premix mixed to 42:1

Set choke and pull it should fire right up if it has plenty of compression and spark.....good luck
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