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Got it registered, now to tuning, engine mods

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So I finally got my x19 registered. Now onto the tuning part. Where should I start? new carb? new air filter? What other motors will fit into the slot of the 110cc? Any recommendations on where I should begin modding and any other good tuning tips? I got the air fuel just right on this carb but it still cuts out at WOT and I'm thinking the stock carb is the problem after reading a bit. This thing is just plain way to slow to have out on a main road the way it is. I need some ideas for how to get this puppy up and moving. Thanks for the help in advance! :cool:
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You can get a hopped up 140cc for $300 plus dollars, some have oil coolers and bigger carbs and valves in the head. Your going to spend that much buying hp parts for the 110cc. Then you can sell you other engine for $100 or what ever and get some of your money back.
cool, good call, you think i can get one with a manual clutch then put the clutch cable just on the left side handlebar? Kuz mine is an auto and it SUCKs only reason im not going to get a brand new bike with a manual is that I already have this one registered. And thats such a ***** I never want to do it again i'd rather replace every part on this bike (other than the vin =D) before I go through that again lol. But yeah I was thinking the same thing. any suggestions on a good 140? Ive found one on ebay for 250 you think this would drop in. Thanks for your help bro!

BTW sick ****ing bike in the avatar! that yours?
They are Pit Bike engines, no electric start, manual, kick start. You can run a clutch cable to the left handle. Is that not your rear brake handle?
It don't come with a carb, only a manifold maybe 22mm. Some engines come w/ a carb and all. I would look around before I run out and buy something in hurry. TboltUSA has some engine deals too.
The avatar bike is a water cooled 5 port, C1 50cc version w/ a 19mm Dell rep carb, and some head/cyld porting.
I got the 150 estart for my registered bike because I like the fact of having the electric start on a street bike and you will need to cut the down tubes to get anything bigger than a 125 in there but they all just bolt right up with no major problems the o ly thing is carb placement you may have to play with it a bit to fit my bike has the steel tank with the battery under the seat so I had to cut the front tank mounting tab off the fram and just use the rear mount for it and my carb and intake are angled to the right rear so it is almost over the exhaust pipe its the only way I could fit it with the intakes I had to choose from
ok so cutting the steel tubes down will require some serious machinery correct? Also, won't that make the frame break when I hit a bump if I cut into it? Maybe I should just do a 125 because I'm kinda worried about the frame busting on me I dont ride with gear so safety is a big issue for me. Any way to reinforce it after I hack it? A big reason im bout to ditch the 110 is that mine is a full auto and full autos are super boring and don't have the torque that I crave. So from the looks of what drgn said I might have to stick with a 125 I guess, but at least it will be a manual.

and no, my rear brake is controlled by a pedal (which leaves the left open for a handclutch), so I hope that won't interfere with one of the shifting pedals. What is the deal with the footshifters? Do you think I will be able to fit a kickshifter right next to the footbrake?

Thanks you guys!
how would this do? direct bolt in? it seems like a good deal, 269 shipped with carb and all accessories, plus it even comes with the footshifters....


id like to do a bigger motor than a 125 if im gunna replace it might as well go big, but the cutting of tubes scares me, exactly what would I be cutting, and how hard is it? I have some mechanical knowledge but as far as cutting goes im not so experienced in hacking

Oh yes and also are those lifan motors capable of charging my batter while it runs? because I have heard that some of the smaller engines don't have alternators and that worries me
Its ok, but don't think it makes power, its a Pit Bike racing engine, kick start, don't need no lights. Did not see no carb size. I just ordered a PZ25mm for my 125cc ATV for $28 off an add on that site. Lifan Engine Parts. Was going to put my 22mm on but want it for my 110cc X18, with the PZ19. When buying an engine need to look at the whole package, what you get, tax, S/H to your door, etc.
Don't worry about the tubes if you want you can re fit them back after but a lot of people including brians x19 with crazy power I think he had a stroked 160 in his with no problem with those tubes removed blitz also removed them as well I believe with no problems
link to a good 140 or 150 electrical start motor? I did some googling and i couldnt find one with an estart, only kicks. So I take it if I get a kickstart motor I won't be able to charge the battery but if I get an estart it will? correcT?
As long as it has a stator or outer rotor if it has a inner rotor kit it will not charge the battery
Here is the 150 estart
so the one you just posted wont charge the battery? i think battery charging is pretty important i don't want to have to plug the bike in every night, or have it die when im out. any motors with a manual tranny that can charge a battery?
That one will charge it has a outer rotor only the ones without a outer rotor kit will charge

if it says inner rotor there is no charging system and also I had to bash tbolt but if you search around I have found that motor for 100+less with all the same extras so def search around I don't know why there price shot way up all of a sudden for that motor
If that one will charge I'll prolly end up getting that one. Now to start saving 600 dollars lol
Look around I found them for cheaper just call the places that carry them and tell them what you need have them put a package together for you with oil cooler and carb for cheaper than buying or separate don't just find one then buy it use the I found it cheaper here but prefer ordering it with you guys method ECT
Do your research before buying spend a week or even two looking for sites that carry that brand motor and call them don't email and see what the best deal is you can get even if they don't list that motor but carry that brand trust me

decent deal, no? Can you tell me more about the cutting of tubes you speak of to get a bigger motor in the cradle?
i just put a lifan 140cc in my x 19, the only thing i had to do to the frame was grind the top motor mounts down a little bit, you might need to cut the metal pipe that runs along the bottom of the frame, depending on your exhaust set up, should be really easy with a sawzall.
If I cut that tube wont that make the frame break? Won't that compromise the frame's structural integrity?
Nope plenty of people here have removed the down tubes without problems look at the 18 no down tubes whatsoever
How did you get it registered? I mean what did you do at the dmv? Are you in california?
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