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well, got my bike today.....

at 7:00 PM, man was I pissed, ait all dya long planning to get some work done on it so I can have all day to break it in and gtet farther into it.

well I took ooff all the plastics and applied my R1 graphics kit, used some blue permatex thread seal here and there. on the nylon lock nts I just made sure they were all tight, no thread seal. I installed my new fram filter and cleaned the tank out. blew the lines clear. put it all bakc together and went to break it in.

weird thing is I couoldnt get the SOB to start. I ended up removeing the front plate on the fuel shut-off vlave to see if fuel would drip out, and it did a bit so I tightened it back down and it started. not sue what that did for me, cuz I did have the gas cap loosened so no vaccum. I did the heat cycling a while, I had it on the stand and would rev it slowly to just about where the back whel wanted to spin in the air and let off slowly, back and forth til it was a bit warm, let it cool and did it again, about 5 times, then I let it cool and rode it aorund same deal as before but just enough gas on/off ot barely keep myself going maybe 5MPH or less. did that 3 times letting it cool inbetween each time, then I got going a little beter, maybe 10MPH but I still doubt it, for a few runs and let it get warmed up and then let it cool. man I am so tempted to hos this thing but I am holding myself back cuz I know it will be worth it that I dont. its running pretty good, I just gotta raise the idle a bit, it always started good after that first time but I lwered it, and too much I guess cuz everytime after that after it would cool, I would pull it and it would start but die, and if I didnt catch it with the gas on time and feather it in/out 2 times it would die. a few of the times I had to start all over at full choke, then half anf open it fully after it started, I didnt think it ever got COLD that it would need that but its still on big deal. Ill have a pic of this bike up soon probably. man I cant believe I didnt get this thing when they came out. its a blast and I havent even topped 10MPH.
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