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gp3 help

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hay so today took the bike out and run it in pritty good all i can say is wow its the fastest mini moto i have ever seen and bean on i am amazed truely anyway when the bike heated up nice and worm and the bike wos runing super fast then when it wos heat and i palld away it wos fine up till high revs then it spluterd and poped now i have bean told that the china coil on theres are rubish and that when thay get to hot thay just stop to work so well and that i should get a real polini one now is that what it wos some one have any idears? as the bike wos runing super perfect i mean its a dream really is people where pulling up in there cars and saying thay carnt blieve how fast it wos i got a vid of it and i never when full throtal as its just runing in so some one got any idears?
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It's sputtering at high rev? check the plug cap, if it's coming out a little itl do that. Maybe your carb is not set properly too, when my bikes run too rich they start backfiring and sputtering, due to the fact that it is not getting a proper full burn.
My nephew bought a mini bike it says zx 72 and it starts fine and runs good but it shuts off after 2 min of running and wont start up again for a couple of hours any ideas
well i would set up the carb if i new how but i dont any idears where i can learn as i know nuthing about carbs and theres a small fuel leak i think from under the carb as well and no the plug wos on fine probs the carb
ya i dont know i work on big hydralic engines not these little one i didnt even know they had a carb sorry but thank you
no sorry gastonrodney i wos talking to math but if you make a new thred im shure loads of people will help you out all the best
show me a pic of where it leaks mikel. Gaston, take pictures and make a post about your bike with any questions you have, we can provide you with answers.
well thats just it i cant see where it is but im sure its from under the carb like the black part the bottem i thort it wos the reeds part but i took them off and pute more thicker gaskets on and that so i think its the bottem ill have a look but i need to tune the carb as its to rich my spark plug is very oily and black
yeah i think it does but wouldnt know where to get them from i know my carb is a 19mm rep of the delltro carb i think its calld sorry for the spelling lol
ya i dont know i work on big hydralic engines not these little one i didnt even know they had a carb sorry but thank you
LOL even the old oil burning lamps they had in the 1800's had carbs...........
That bike makes a ton of vibrations. The coil screws provide ground for the coil and tend to rattle loose. Make sure they are tight and use plenty of locktite. Preferably red. I had the same problem with mine at one point and spent a lot of time trouble shooting everything except that. Then while i was tinkering with it trying to solve the problem, i noticed the coil mounting screws had come loose. I tightened them up and all of a sudden, problem solved.
Also gaskets are super simple, why spend money on them? Just use an old ceral box (compressed cardboard) and cut them out yourself. Once you have the gasket cut out, soak it in USED motor oil for a 2-3 hours. This prevents the gaskets from burning and also makes them soft and pliant. Used motor oil has a higher flash point than fresh oil and makes them last. And under mechanical compression, they will not burn anyways. Once the cardboard has soaked up the oil, they make an excellent seal.

I use this technique to make head gaskets, case gaskets, intake gaskets, and just about any gasket you can think of.

Oldest trick in the mechanics hand book.
thanks man havent spoke to you befor you say you have a gp3 rep then wow thats handy my next thing is my back weel is bent and my sproket is as well and makes the chain come off what should i do i cant seem to get any sprokets for this bike with out going to polini and geting one but if i do that i have to buy a new back weel a new disk a new sprocket and also new brake caliper geeerrrrrr like £400 its rubish in the uk hahah but have to say uthere than that my bike is a dream no joke i got no problams with it now i changed everything to polini parts in the engine and also got a real carb on there now shes no leaks and works like a best hahah
Personally, I would never use cardboard on a bike like that. I got a whole real Polini upper gasket set from midsouth for around $10, has everything you need and 3 thicknesses of base gaskets to adjust your Squish, I used the .004" one on my Polini rep engine.
thats the gasket iv got as well but i have 4 sets of gaskets i got as spear just in case i wont to rebild and also im well happy today i got a smaill very smaill drill set from 0.2 to 2.9 and its amazing
I have the same bike in dark blue. Tsunami bike calls it a g2 or something like that. Its has the GP3 rep engine on it and I have put new upgraded bearings, seals, and homemade gaskets on the whole thing. It is hard to find parts for sometimes. I bought it as a "basket case" and reassembled the whole thing like a jig-saw puzzle. When its running, it is my favorite bike. I gps clocked it at 43mph and I weigh about 220lbs. I have only really had 2 real problems with it. One, the water pump belt tends to break or fall off, currently trying to finalize a solution to this. Second, the pull start loves to break. The original pull start lasted about a year. After it broke i bought 3 more just in case... Well, they all were different variations and I managed to break all 3 in one race day. I finally found the exact pull start and it seems to work so far.
Mine is equiped with the 19mm del rep carb and for starting, i just block the airflow with my hand and it starts on the first or second pull.
As for gaskets, i use different thickness of cardboard to achieve the same results as a gasket set. I currently have a 0.5mm donut box head gasket on it. lol.
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And for the sprocket, find a very flat surface, and hammer it gently until its flat. I use a 12.5mm thick piece of flat steel i lay my spockets and other stuff that is bent on and hammer them flat again. Don't hammer on concrete or wood.
If it is super bad, i think Tsunamibike.com carries the sprockets and they should be listed to be used on a g2.
cool thanks man and well i just have a real dello carb a 15mm with 90 main jet works amazing and i think my bikes hiting that sort of figger and also iv sorted all the engine out its a pice of art now its amazing beats everything off line and most of the time and grc rr it leaves them but i am also rebilding 2cags and 1 c1 rep with a new type frame
I tried one of 15mm carbs on mine too. It was really nice but eventually i just went back to the 19mm. Btw, i like that custom swing arm. Looks awesome.
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