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gp3 rep cant get clutch off help

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hi im new guy but got a bike 7 days ago a gp3 and used it once and then it leaked water so i then found out the place i got it from had had it for a year and left it with water in so its rusted bearings so i calld up the uk polini and got a fue things sent to me to do to the engine however i can not get the clutch off i have a socket set on one side and then one on the other side however i cant get it to undopo i know its revearsed but still its on ther can some one help me is there some way i have to get it off and also iv got a crank case splitter off comeing from polini some help plesae
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An 18v impact gun works wonders in this situation..................

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Find someone with a big air gun, like the tire shop.
thanks ever so much as i think i might have now *****d the engine as i tryd to do it like i said with the two socket sets and well now on the clutch side it terns the clutch as well as the nut dues that mean i might have to get a new crank sharft ?
You need to jam something into the clutch arms and cases like a big flat blade screwdriver to keep the clutches from turning when taking or putting stuff back on.
thank you i went to a tyier place and thay wizzed it off for me but i have to wait for my clutch puller to come in the post and also the crank case splitter witch is £50 cant believe it lol and also does anyone know where i can get a spair engines?
I seize the clutch up with a couple rags, take a socket, tap the center bolt a few times then pry it out with 2 flat head screw drivers. gotta be carefull you dont damage the crank case though.
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