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gp3 rep idears people

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hay so tomorrow i will be geting a 15" PHBG dello carb and blue and yellow clutch springs as well as a polini coil and air fillter and in 2 days ill be geting the clutch holding tool so then i can do the clutch up with a torque wrench and not a impact tool and get the 60 NM its ment to be so people any idears what i should do and iv got a 90 main get in it ? an any idears what i need to do with the clutch iv bean told adding blue springs in sted of the ***** ones and that blue will pick up faster?
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I wouldn't adj. anything till you get it running.
right new spark plug is on the right one this time and the new dello carb 15mm new coil and clutch how ever last night when lissing to the polini guy on the phone he said i have to do the clutch nut up to 60NM i said what 6 he said 60 i said 16 he said no 60 i thort wow thats high any way did it and [email protected]$*ed the nut thank god i didnt f&%&&k the crank shaft so got a new nut coming today this time ill be doing it till its tight and a tiny bit more then leave it so with the new coil and the right plug this all should be fine now lol
any way went out and the bike is a beast i cant believe how much faster it is i have to lean forword all the time evan when im doing like 40 mph its still trying to weelie i cant believe it its a beast i love it no leaks and i used a hole fule tank so im happy and the new real dello carb is just perfect im well happy cant wait to race next week now haha and also ill be geting the polini gp5 or gp6 i havent worked it out yet but yeah thats the bet
You can put pegs on the rear axle, I put 10 speed bike clips on my rear axle and lay on the bike, much better. I have bell housings with 6, 7 and 8 teeth pinions and 7/68 gears right now, had 8/68 before, more top speed.


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wow i love that idear i might come up with something simerler and well i have a 10 tooth frunt sprocket and on the back i have a i think is a 75 tooth i really wont to use polini sprockets but thay have 4 holes and my rep weel only has 3 so do i get one of there sprockes then drill out 2 holes any idears and i would like to make the bue have the sort of gearing so its a good all round bike because i think the gearing at the momunt is just wrong as it wonts to just weelie all the way to top end allmost came off today but saved it at last secand made for good show with the people watching hahaha and i have a 15mm carb on it with 90 jet in it and the bike loves it really does how ever i do wish the 19 would work as more pawer i guess but alan at polini says the 15 is what he fits to all the 40cc bikes and only fits the 19 to 50cc bikes so there we go lol and im haveing so meany problams with the clutch nut guys really doing my head in iv de threded 2 nuts now and have orded 3 more be here tomorrow how ever i cant seem to get the right tightness i did ones then took it off to try a diffrunt clutch then went to do it up agen and it just de threded the nut agen thank god it didnt do the crank shaft but any idears what i should do there my dad seems to think thay are made weeker so that thay brake in sted of the crank shaft and that most torque nuts are to only be used onces for best affect he has bean in that trayd all hes life but to me seems a wast to use a nut ones but then agen the amount im going thrue ill be stockeing them up soon hahha any hellp will be grate epr or cam 2
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I am still adj my new C1 clutch, and when there new, only part of the pads touch the bell. Need to be careful not to overheat the glue holding the shoes on when there new. I had the whole pad come off the arm on my last one. On my Cags the crank is tapered, which locks it on tight.
On ours there is not taper, just a key and a shaft. There are different grade nuts, a nylon lock nut might work better. Make sure the clutch is not loose on the crank shaft before you tighten it. I replaced all my Polini engine bolts w/ grade 5, 8.8
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