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Greetings from San Antonio, TX!

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Hey guys, I was a member here maybe close to a decade ago. Back in the day I had a Cag and a Sendai Tai Chi. I'm recently getting back into the minimoto scene with a bunch of buddies. We all work in the motorcycle industry, so we thought this would be a great past time. I started a San Antonio Minimoto FB page if anyone in the area would be interested in doing some events locally. Glad to be back, and hope to see some of you out there!
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Awesome! Good luck to you!!! I'm in Cali, soon we will have national races... See you then!

Thanks, man! We're just sticking to Cags for the time being, just trying to keep the cost low for everyone. Maybe we'll see you out there one of these days! :p
Its all good!! I like em all!! They all cost a little... Time and money but soooooo much fun!!! Hell ya! Hope to meet up someday!!

Chat soon I'm sure!

What's up guys. Im one of peaches buddies that's getting into this with him. Expect to see lots of me. LOL glad to be here..
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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