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Hello i'm new here & been on this site every since I attained this 49cc pocket bike, at first it was beat down to where it wouldn't even start, I replaced the throttle grips, pull start, air filter, carburetor, spark plug, one of the tires & had got a nee chain cuz the old one busted when I took off but now it's leaking out of the overflow tube non stop, long story short I was tired of looking it up on google so i came here to get help & any help would be greatly appreciated, please & thank you to the pocket bike community!

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It's a very common problem on these things the float gets stuck you will need to clean out your carby take it off your bike and find a nice clean work area where you won't lose the parts then take off the float boal with the two screws you will see a pin that holds the fork push out that pin and and that will allow you to access the float needle pull those parts out spray them with carburetor cleaner then reassemble and you'll notice that your fuel bowl will no longer overflow
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