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Greetings to All! New to PocketBikes so I have a couple questions.

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Hello and Good Day!

I'm looking at "retiring" from riding full size motorcycles(I currently have a Yamaha FZ6R) and switching to a pocket bike for fun. Number of reasons for this that I may get in to later.

Anyway I was looking at this one: http://www.minipocketrockets.com/super-pocket-bikes-x19/ since it seems like it would fit me pretty well and have decent performance. I'm not looking to race, this is purely for casual fun riding up and down my road(which is a twisty back road). If I go for it, my g/f may get into it as well.

My questions are:

1 - I'm about 5'9" and 200lbs(I need to lose some weight I know, lol). How fast can I legitimately expect this thing to go top speed, out of the box?

2 - If I get this one, are there any upgrades I should really consider getting off the bat if I'm riding casually? Such as parts to increase reliability/life span, or just standard performance upgrades without doing anything crazy.

Thank you very much for your time!
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Welcome to the site...They look like loads of fun but are pretty much a ton of work to get them to ride safer when you make them faster...Heres a thread to peruse.....

A brand new bike will have a few more EPA friendly components and the carbs arent worth even trying to mod

The X19 is auto transmission but, if you want a new one better get it now, before they run out. It's harder and harder to get these bikes into the country, with the 2 strokes being the worst.
Hello. Thank you for the responses.

Since I'll be riding casually I'm not overly concerned with making it faster. If it will do 45-50mph out of the box then I'll leave it alone.

Also that web site claims that I can buy the X19-CR with an automatic or a manual transmission, of which I prefer a manual. If it turns out I can't get a manual, I'll get a different model. They are based in California, do they not build them there?
Most of the mini moto or Pocket Rockets as we call them are made in China. If they where made here they would cost alot more. The Quality is not very good, alot of stuff to fix out of the crate. The smaller bikes are 80 percent work and 20 riding.
The exception is the mini motos from Europe, $5000 to $15,000 each, they are much faster, and made by craftsmans. My 50cc Camel Honda water cooled avatar photo bike is a copy of a Blata Orgami.
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