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Greetings(too) from San Antonio..

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Hey gang. I too am from San Antonio with Peaches and am looking to learn a lot from you all. Hella excited about some pocket bike racing :-D
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Welcome do u have a bike what kind??
Welcome aboard, many many different styles and sizes of pocketbikes.
There's pocket rockets , mid-bikes, and super pocket bikes.
What's up, Buddy? :p We have a bunch of guys in the area that are getting into this, so we're sticking to racing Cags for the time being. Keep the cost low for everybody. We were lucky enough to have a ton of friends that wanted to jump on the bandwagon!
Thanks for the replies guys. Ideally I am looking for a mini, cag style but Im open. I have a guy with an X7(I think. Has cvt tranny) rolling chassis that I am interested in. Then I'll buy motor and race it nekkid LOL but Im open. I posted in the for sale about wanting to buy if anyone has anything they can spare. :)
There is a USAPocketbikes in Texas, haven't heard alot of good things about them. I think if you put a www. and a .com on the end it will take you to there website. Don't know if they or importing 2 strokes anymore, thanks to the EPA. If they do have MTA2s, full bodied Cagillari Daytonas, contact them to make sure they have them in stock and use a credit card, they will help you if any problems arrive.
In all honesty I would prefer to avoid purchasing a new bike seeing how Im going to end up replacing most of it. I would like to buy a used one hopefully with some upgrades already a part of it. :)
CraigsList or eBay motors/ motorcycles/for sale.
I just ordered a 47R from them a couple of days ago, so we'll see how that goes. I'll update you guys on my experience with them.
Nice a 2 Stoke.. Didn't think they still sold those new.. Hope the transaction goes well!!

Thanks! I hope it does well. They just contacted me today to tell me they only have solid colors, haha. So I'm getting it shipped in solid red rather than two-tone. No biggy. As long as it's the bike I bought, haha. My buddy also just grabbed two cags for $100 off a guy on CL. They don't run, but we'll tear into them tomorrow. Seem pretty straight for the price.
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