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guess who got a new toy

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well i am very sad to say that my mini moto is not in the best of shap because i applied lock tight and my friend took the nut out with out telling me marcelo and needless to say that the lock tight has set and now rock hard so the bolt will not go all the way in to the crank shaft. marcelo he wont be having any kids any time soon :p now for the good part i got a actual pocket bike 49 cc air cooled calagari styled pink blah pink (im a guy) so i have painting to do in the future. i got the pocket bike for free she used it as a payment for me working on the other toys my friend has it needed a new pull start, so i took the pull cord off my temporary dead bike and put on this one and she fired right up now i have to fix the throttle because the line fraid in side the grip so thats all for now ps what color should i paint it im thinking chrome or green. i will attach a vide
o :) http://youtu.be/g913VwDYKZc
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Come on it takes a real man to do pink just put some manly flames on it and good to go LOL
Whatever color you like most is best cuz from what I learned here vote will be 75% flat black LOL
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