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here is the chance to race you have been looking for.

a family oriented motorcycle racing club started by a group of enthusiasts who race small to mid-size displacement motorcycles (Mini Motards, Mini Road Racers pocketbikes and Super Motards) on paved road courses around the Gulf Coast States. The vast majority of these motorcycles are converted dirt bikes. With minimal modifications, almost anyone can change out the knobby tires to street tires, and with meeting some safety requirements, go racing on a small budget. GAMRA's goal is to provide the opportunity for family, friends and riders of all ages to enjoy this sport; to become better riders; to pass along the skills from the "back in the day racers and riders; " and to encourage and pass on this great hobby of ours to the next generation. Riding in a controlled track environment allows for the development of those riding skills necessary to have a successful, long term hobby that the whole family can participate in, as well as provide the opportunity for beginning riders to experience this thrilling sport. We like to say it combines "The Grace of Road Racing with the Excitement of Motocross."

the president and primary organizers are from the Mobile, AL area. the pocketbike class is in the works and waiting for you riders to get your butts over to the track. located in Saucier MS alittle over an hour form New Orleans or Mobile it is worth the trip for a chance to get on the track with other pocketbikes in a safe enviroment.

Gulf Area Mini Roadracing Association

paste this into google maps and check out the track


Excellent pocket bike track! The facilities are basically abandoned, but the track itself is still in great shape, and just about the right size for pocketbikes. Pavement is excellent shape and kept clean, curves are cambered, it has both left and right hand turns, and it's slightly hilly, even. Mowed pasture grass all around the track, no obstacles in case of a crash, and no tires or hay bales needed. Very nice.

The club that races there is a mini road race club, really nice group of folks too. Their classes go up to 550 four stroke, but no one runs bikes that big there, the track is too small. Most of them run in the class that goes up to 150 four stroke / 85 two stroke.

They have a class for which our pocketbikes would qualify, but it's not a very good fit. However, they said they would create a new class for us if enough show up, and one of the members already has a Cag. Even if only one or two show up, we would still be able to run on the track, we just wouldn't have a class race.

Cheap, too, 20 bucks membership, plus 20 bucks a day track fee. Track day Saturday, race day Sunday, with plenty of practice time both days, weather permitting.



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