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guys take a look at this

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check this out and tell me which catagory is this? is it pb or what:confused::confused::confused:
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super pocket bike I think, cant understand language
check this out and tell me which catagory is this? is it pb or what:confused::confused::confused:
Go to our YSR,NSR,NSX,Derbi and Metrakit section,,,Thats the category that bike falls in..............

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i can help you cam2 with the language wait buddy
Thats a nice bike....If I would of had either that bike or an Aprilla when i used to race my YSR I would of most likely dominated the track....Those bikes suspensions seem fine tuned already by description and price but ya never know........
Yes the grc minigp bike! That bike has been out for well over 3yrs now. Though I've never seen any at the tracks in the U.S. that i have been to.
dude according to me this grc minigp is better then china made mini gp, can you just guess the price of bike then i will tell you its power
I got way off topic....
no i dnt race my grc minigp, this cost me 3000$ . its huge amount in india and in that much amount i can buy a nice 220cc bike .
by the way i m big fan of mini motto and mini gp bike but the problem is that i hate china made item ya i like uk or us made or german or itly made bikes they are costlier thn china but all this bikes comes with quality. whould you like to take a look at my bike?
Welcome aboard, do they like you ride it on the roads??
no they don't allow pb on public roads here
EPR are fan of cag or branded pb.whats your choice a china made or a germany made
I have 11 bikes from small to 125cc ATV 4 wheeler. All made in China. I should sell them half of them and get an Italian Polini,lol.
ERp thats nice collection but as you know there is no connection between price tag and quality what you say
I apologize i thought you race and i misunderstood your thread. Please disregard all of my previous statements.lol
no buddy i am not taking it wrong nor i got anger on you. everybody have his own point of view. by the way i dnt have grc bike i want to buy one but its too costly, to pay 3000$ for 50cc bike why dnt i get 220cc bike with 6 speed and dual disc brakes and the main thing its road legal .
I know your not angery, i just started drifting the conversation towards racing on the tracks. Lol
For me if i'm not using these mini/midbikes to race or plan to race them. Then they are useless for me and to me.lol So i always get caught up in my narrow minded veiws about these small bikes.lol Not everybody want to race these bikes and just simply enjoy cruising on them.
yes you are right i am not planing to but minigp for race its just part of collection. as i said i have a nice bike you surely like to take a look at my bike.if you want i can post photo for you
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