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Hello all, new to pocketbikes

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Hello all. I found this site after buying three mini choppers off of craigslist and tried to get them running. The information I found on here helped me get two 49cc mini choppers running. Thanks. The problem I have now is trying to identify and get the other bike running. Its a 110cc or 125cc according to the person i bought it from. It has a clutch but no clutch cable, 1-N-2-3 is the gear again according to the seller. There are no labels only numbers near the bottom of the motor (DJ152FMI). Has a kick start, but no spark. The wiring on this thing is like spaghetti, all over the place. How do I upload pics to show what kind of bike I have, so I can know where to start. Thanks
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Hello, Welcome to the site.. Photobucket would be the best way.. I think you need at least 5 or 10 posts before you can use the Attachment option (paper clip above)...

Welcome...Heres three different 4 stroke schematics I made up to seperate the wiring harness into 3 seperate systems with 10 amp fuses on the charging and starter circuits.....

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I have a mini chopper I'm needing the wiring diagram for it has the dual rear wheel with lights and indicators can anyone help please
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