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Hello everyone!

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This place is fantastic! I just picked up a bike last night, had no idea what it is and I learned more on here in 15 minutes than any of the internet searches I tried. I do know a few things about the bike thus far, this is the exact motor my bike has.

I have rewire the entire bike, but it does have everything there from what I can tell, looks really complete. The motor brings up my first question however. From that page they state a 40:1 mix. The gas cap on the bike which is supposed to the original shows a 25:1 mix. That's a pretty big difference, I'd love some input on that. I plan on doing a build thread after a few posts and I'll start posting up some picks as well. Again, great info on here and glad to be a part of it.

Erron S.
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Brand new engines require a ratio of 28:1 for break-in...This is done for 4 complete tanks of fuel....Then after the engine is broken-in you should run it at 40:1 for safety 42:1 for a lil more pep and 50:1 for performance

The engine you posted is a piston ported engine and grey case engines usually come on the X7 and cateye
I think this one is a Cat Eye. We actually got it to fire up over the weekend and rode it around it a bit. We did it on the 25:1 ratio just to be safe. Another silly question, is the slide on the side of the carb the choke? It says On in the lower position and Off in the upper. Or, is that the fuel cut off? I haven't even so much as taken the plastic bits off to see since it did fire up in the On position.
Yup, thats the choke... ;) Only a few days late... lol
We throw that crap away and get a 15mm V-stack and hp air filter.


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lol :rolleyes: For sure better than that air filter assembly..
Make a pretty big difference going to that carb?

So far, it's rewired, new battery, new tank and lines, repainted the body, put new graphics on and it's about there. Sure is fun to tool around the neighborhood on. Should make for a great pit bike. I can't find a windshield anywhere. Everyone on the market is either too big or too small. I've talked/emailed with about 50 of the common google search places and it's just looking like I'll have to make one.
That 15mm worked real good on that Boosted306, 49cc ported Cag head, the stock carb is 12mm the venturi is even smaller, while the 15 is 15 all the way thru or a 25% increase in size. I got a $14 plastic/rubber Cag to pumper carb manifold and put the carb and it on the engine. The 15mm V-stack w/ choke was $2, the carb $8 at Dave'sMotors in Utah, don't ask they don't sell pocket bike parts anymore. But if you need RC or Go Ped scooters & stuff, there Cool. But, for Walbro carbs, Vs, repair kits, manifolds, springs, swivels they got it,lol. I got a Walbro 16mm WT-813 on the weekly Go-Ped sale for $29.99 and $3, I felt like I was stealing it,lol. I paid $34 for a China 16mm copy carb.
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