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Hey everyone! My name is Larkin and I just joined this awesome forum...

To start i have what i think is considered a mini harley davidson. It looks like this...

...except mine is pretty torn down. I basically inherited it, I got it when cleaning up a family property. It has been outside in the elements for a few years and almost all the lights are broken and the whole things has a nice thick layer of rust.

I tore off that silly plastic faux engine, all the lights via those convenient plastic plugs. The chain was solid and rusty so that came off after some coaxing with the dremel and pliers.

The back brake is a MESS, the bracket that bolts to the frame to keep it from spinning when the brake is applied had rusted straight through. cue dremel...

here is a really bad pic of the broke brake. oh yeah, the whole thing was tangled in fishing wire.


and here is a picture of the bike, as it sits now...


I have almost everything the bike came with except the pull start and the batter charger.

I am totally open to any and all suggestions on what to do with the bike. However as of right now, I want to spend as little money as possible on the bike, its just a hobby for now (but we all know where that leads).

Given that it works, I want to keep the electric start on (for now), especially because the pull start has been off of it for as long as its been sitting. I actually didnt even know it was an electric start til I read about people taking them off on this forum! I thought it was some kind of alternator or something, i never really dedicated any thought to it.

My goped experience:
I actually have SOME experience with similar toys. I had two gopeds between 8-10 years ago. A (2nd gen?) sport and an xped... On my sport i did just about every mod i could afford. Rocket key, Crankshaft collar/ring thing - i forget the name, removed base gasket and sparkplug washer to raise compression, extra bearing for drive shaft, pull start cover, lightened flywheel, modded exhaust can, chrome fork. I left the xped pretty much stock cause i was starting to outgrow them - driving and all.

What is the deal with this motor? is it 33,36,43, or 49cc? I have seen all 4. I assume the 49cc rating is only because that is a "classification" and they are allowed to round up because there is no class of motor this size. Kind of like those chinese "80cc" motors that are really only 60 something.

Is this a common motor? I actually have a spare motor that i found when getting the bike, except the spare has a much different sprocket, smaller teeth, def not the same kind of chain.

I am looking forward to logging my project here and contributing anything i can as a member. I would LOVE to hear suggestions and ideas on where to take my project.

I guess that's it for now.

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Welcome to the site....That engine is 43cc...I have had quite a bunch of those bikes and two that were considered junk made 1 pretty nice bike after mods...............Good Luck with yours

Heres my Massively Modded Mini Harley

Heres what it used to look like...

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