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Hello from Maine with a new toy!

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Hello everyone!

I recently picked up a Razor pocket rocket from my town transfer station. It is in good shape. It is missing the fairing piece. The brakes work, everything rolls.

It did not have a charger so I bought a 24V charger. I plugged it in and the battery indicator went from low to full but the bike does nothing when the throttle is applied. Will the bike not work with the charger plugged in?
I know the bike needs new batteries. My thing is though what version do I have? I can not find the numbers on it at all, nothing on the frame. The throttle at the handle bar side has 5-wires, but at the plug endit has 4-wires. mine the 4-wire setup I assume? What is the chances of the control module being bad? I have 5 groups of wires coming out of the silver module. 13 wires in total. Should I get new batteries, module, and throttle?

I want to get this going for my nephew. Thanks aton!

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