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hello there

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hello there i am new to pocket bikes, and this forum. i have an x7 bullet that i haven't used in 2 years. Before i stopped riding it, it also had problems. Now the electric start doesn't work :(. I went to start it today using the pull start. It turned on, but it had the same problem:as soon as i gave it some throttle, it turned off, and its leaking gas. I dont have any knowledge about pocket rockets or pocket rocket parts. I would really appreciate any help.
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I tried to start it up today, it started, but when i tried to take it out of choke, it just died. A friend of mine told me that it could be old fuel, so i took out the old one and put in new one. Again it started up, but it didn't stay on. Does anyone know what is wrong?

Also, is there a manual of the x7 bullet online that i can reference??
I think you need to clean the carb, it happens to me when I got the bike which was kept on the storage for a while when the choke is on it runs but when turn off it dies,
I'm will cool hand... Clean the carb and see what happens.. There are plenty of threads on how to tune that carb.. The yellow search button above might help.. ;)
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