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Hellpp!!! carburetor wont fit! :(

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so i just bought this performance carb and i didnt realize till i got home that the screw holes for the carb are spaced out to much so i can not put it on my bike. ive looked all over the internet and on this site and cant fiind anything to help me. i have a cat eye 49cc, is there any attachments or adapters i can buy to make it fit?? ill take a picture of the carburetor i already have as well as the one i just bought. any suggestions would greatly be appreciated


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That's the wrong carb for you motor. Its a stick carb for a cag
Yup, you need the Walbro 813 w accelerator pump if you want a HP carb for that bike.. http://www.ebay.com/itm/WALBRO-WT-8...pt=Radio_Control_Vehicles&hash=item3cc78a588a

If you get a imitation or one with a pulse hole you will need an adapter plate or need to mod your intake manifold...

alright thanks, so if made or got an adaptor plate for this carb would it work with the bike or be worth it? and if it does will it do anything to the performance, or make it worse.
Not sure about that.. You need to wait for one of the real pocket bike pros to answer that one.. :rolleyes:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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