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Help 49cc cateye racing parts

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Ok I fancily got money.
I got a 49cc cateye.
Now it's time for up motor.
What would the best racing carb to put on it
Need something less then 50 bucks.
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Find Boosted306, Sam here and get a 49cc ported piston port cylinder w, a new set of rings for $60. Then leave the base gasket off and glue it down w/ Yamabond or Hondabond, that will increase the compression. Then get a Walbro WT-813 and alum Zenoah intake and mod it to fit, then get a Fatty X7 exhaust. That setup will make a real difference in power.
The first 2 photos are Sams head kit the last is a highly modded one.


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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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