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HELP i have a gp3 rep and need a new crank sharft cant find any an polini wont £150

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hi i wos rebilding my engine when i must of dont evan know how it happend then ends of the crank shaft have bent i.e where the flyweel bolts to and the clutch i live in the uk and the only place who has anything that will fit is polini but thay wont £150+£30 plesae can anyone help me in the uk or us maybe you know where i can get one as you seem to have a lot in the us plesae
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you're going to have to order from asia, or across the pond... as I said in the last post, real polini/BZM/Zocchi cranks can sell for up to 400 dollars.... My suggestion is try to find somewhere they still sell polini replicas... that or you could take your bent one to a machine shop and try to have it trued....
i found a place on line in asia who made the reps and thay sell everyhting i mean it all and full engines as well but thay dont have a price i had to email them to ill wait for them to email back but i bet it will cost a bomb but i need if not ill buy a polini one i guess
Try Tsunamibike in Canada, they have Blata and Polini rep parts, a crank is probably $30 to $50.
i had a look but there web site dusnt make sence on my laptop i only found one at 100 dollers plus shiping so not much better off have a look and see if you sore more thanks
A Tsun on there main page click 2 stroke parts on the left menu, about a 1/3 of the way down the page.... Crank for C1/F1-005-2T $60 + shipping.
how do i know it fits a gp3 rep it says c1 and c2 i thort thay are blata reps am i wrong?
iv calld them 5 times now and the problam is from the uk it costs me like £5.00 every time can any of you guys in the states call for me and just arsk if it will fit a gp3 rep bike and also how much and shiping to the uk london thanks if you can
Email them.... You need to make sure you call during there buisness hours... it's not in UK time, Canada eastern time.... so right now it is 2:56PM....
just calld arfter your msg and thay said 90 dollers for the crank and 40 dollers for a raidiator and then 100 dollers for shiping is there no way i can get it cheaper
not unless you know somewhere in the UK that has those parts... Tsun has always been ****s about there shipping... I'm 500km away and it is cheaper for me to drive there...

You need to find someone in England that has B1 cranks. C1 are the same but there in Canada.
are you really sure as iv got a gp3 rep and in the uk the blata b1 rep iss diff however if what you say is right then is the b1 rep (blata) the same crank as the gp3 rep polini>? is so thats amazing as blata b1 rep parts are like 10 dollers here so cheap to get hold off
If you have a Polini rep you need a rep crank, maybe a Banshee. I have a 39cc Polini rep engine too.


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yeah thats a 911 rep iv got the reverse engine *** think the cranks the same im afraid
Not sure about the reverse engine crank.
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