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Hey guys, i went away for a minute but now i am back.
i had originally bought an x18 and started fixing it up, but it was turning into too much work and wasnt really conducive to racing anyway w suspension issues... so i sold it for 2x what i paid for it :D

i was gonna wait till next season to buy another midbike, but then i found this on CL for $75

the owner just had it listed as 4 stroke 50cc pocketbike.
I am thinking its an x6 or an x8. its elec start, no pull start or kick. automatic. and doesnt currently run. he said it needs the battery charged and he lost the key. so i plan on buying a new key switch, and a battery charger. maybe a new battery too... couldnt hurt right? any suggestions on which battery and charger to buy would help greatly.

i also wanna get it race ready for myself maybe, but def for my 9 yr old son who currently rides a chinese gp rsr 47cc, and its just not fast enuff for him to compete at the track against xr50's (bored out to 88cc) and some of the other bikes.

it also needs some other parts replaced (bars and chain) from rust.

so i need to know what model it is, and what parts are compatible. most of the 50cc models have pull starts... could this be a 110? how can i tell?

i am sure its been sitting a while so i wanna change the oil and if not clean the carb, just buy a HP carb. what size do i look for for the carb?
also gonna do a blue cdi, race coil, spark plug... and any other less expensive performance mods i can find (any suggestions welcome)

thanks in advance for the help!:D


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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