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Help me ID this problem!

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Hello pocket racers I need help with a problem. I have a blata 2.5 pb and whenever i tighten the four bolts from the manifold to the reed hole it doesnt let me pull the pullstart it like it makes a "ping!" sound and it gets stuck :( Do I need a new reed or what? Thanks!
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I think the 2.5 is like a Cag, how long are the bolts, are they coming out the other side of where they bolt and hitting the crank or clutch or something, when you turn the engine over?? I have had engine mount bolts hitting the outside of my clutch bell, and all kinds of other stuff.
Put split lockwashers on the screws..........
Its the reed block thing that has the two prong thingys that goes on first before the carb, the crank inside is hitting the prongs from the reed when it turns then gets stuck :confused:
The reed petal limiters?,,,Those are made of mild steel.Bend them in a lil so they cant make contact with the crank...........
Yeah those lol how would you bend them?
Are they stock reed stops, can you mod it so they don't hit??
idk the bike was givin to me :/ when i take my pull-start off the fly wheel and spark coil says selettra or some brand like that.. and the exuast had a little work done on it to it looks like
Yeah those lol how would you bend them?
I would bend them back with a needle nose pliers..........
Thanks. Oh nd btw I need a carb :,( whomp whompp
You have a Euro bike, made in eastern europe. New carbs are $100 to $150 or so. You might try a 14/14 Dell copy carb, seen one for $12 or so new on eBay last night. Had a $6 new Cag 12mm carb too.
I am modding a C1 broken intake manifold, where the alum tube broke off. Grind the rubber down flat & mount a 19mm Walbro HDA223 purge pumper carb on a Cag alum walbro intake manifold to the C1 manifold.
I wish man im pretty poor, no credit card or nttn :/ lol ive had the bike for a while now but have no money to get it fixed.. but i do research on things until the day i get parts :)
Save up some cash for a prepaid credit card... tht way you can order parts online... in the mean time, take the thing appart and get comfortable with it... see if you cant fix the carb you have.
the carb i have is from a 100cc scooter i had found.. i tried to mod it to fit but dont think it would work :/
oh and how fast would the 2.5 go?
Depends on how much you put into it, ied say around 40 mph stock, maybe more.
because cops over here in nyc are up your *** for everything.. and im not just giving my bike up.. so i want to make it a beast :)
Lol i wouldent try outrunning any crown vics with that thing, sure way to get yourself in trouble... ride around parking lots, industrial areas... keep it legal.
yeah lol maybe a blata elite 14 would do it?.. but the streets are so temping lol hanging around to many dirt bikers i think lol :/ you live in nyc too?
haha i had a elite 13 wrs when i was 16... dont think that will outrun a cop car either... even though they are hella fast for what they are.... Nah I'm in Montreal, and the cops in my neighbourhood think my toys are cool haha... If anything I get more problems from public security than anything.
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