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Okay so took the polini out this morning and rode for just 3 minutes or so, hit the kill switch and it would start the next time I tried about 10 minutes later.

Fuel tap is turned on
Filled tank up with gas at 40:1
Engaged choke


Coolant level is at the max.

I will try to post pic of the spark plug...

Any ideas on what I might be experiencing?


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Here are some pics for you guys...
Hey didnt see this pic until after I asked you to send me a pic like this. You have the 911R race pipe your not going to get a better pipe for this bike.:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

To start your bike with the throttle open seems totally normal to me. I start all my bikes that way along with a short quick pulls to my chest. If you dont like doing it that way try giving 3 slow pulls to prime the motor than give a short quick pull to your chest. Your plug looks good to me also Its not grey or white or greasy and wet it looks to be a good coffee color to me.

Im thinking a bad coil have you checked the color of your spark both with the motor cold and hot? I would also check that your air filter is clean and and just to rule out a air leak I would check for that even though Im not seeing any signs of a air leak with the plug but if the filter is dirty it may be hiding that there is a air leak.
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