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help me with gas mixture etc.

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hello i just purchased two pocket bikes. one is a small bike that i have no idea what brand and the other is a slightly larger agiano. i need help with gas to oil ratios and what type of oil and where to get it. and i need to know if there is any other lubricant that i need to apply to the engine before i try and run it because when you turn the wheel it sound like some metal on metal. right now i am focusing on the small bike most of it is minor fixes so far. the agiano was crashed so need a bit of work mostly body stuff though. i traded a remote control car for BOTH bikes so dont ***** at me for buying bikes i havent seen run yet. thanks alot.
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We all buy bikes that don't run here. Much cheaper that way and most are easy to fix. Post a couple of links to pictues of the bikes up as there quite a few different types with a heap of different names and we'll point you in the right direction.
Hi Dylan! I can possibly assist you with some of the issues you are having.
First off, oil. I would recommend Iponne synthetic scooter oil, as it is widely available, but any 2 stroke synthetic oil will do. for the first few tanks mix it 50;1, then go to 40;1 once your engines have been properly broken in.

For that metalic sound, if your bike uses a drum clutch, you are most likely just hearing one of your clutch pads scratching the bell.

As EDK911 stated above, these things are alot of work. I started out in 2008 with a chinese copy of a Blata elite 13WRS. It was small, rickety and a ***** to work on, but ended up being a success. First thing I would recommend is to get familliar with your bikes by taking them completely apart. There are quite a few websites that offer free tutorials on how every single component of your bike works and comes apart. This will also allow you to spot parts that need to be replaced, preventing further damage to the bike. once your rip it apart and put it back together once, you will have a better understanding of how these engines function.

There is no lubricant required aside from the oil mix, but keeping your moving parts well lubed is a good step to take to make your bikes are more reliable and fun to drive, and probably will save you money on parts in the long run.

one last tip, USE LOCK TIGHT ON YOUR BOLTS! 2 stroke motors rattle, and you will end up losing screws if you dont do this. Lock Tight comes with a solvant for when you want to remove bolts.

anyways, keep it cool and welcome to the world of pocket bikes.

Mat the Frenchy
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Excuse me if I'm wrong but don't you want the mix a little thicker to start. 25:1 or 30:1 then go down to 40:1 or maybe as low as 50:1.. More oil when breaking it in not less... :rolleyes:

Excuse me if I'm wrong but don't you want the mix a little thicker to start. 25:1 or 30:1 then go down to 40:1 or maybe as low as 50:1.. More oil when breaking it in not less... :rolleyes:

yeah thats my bad o.0, Ied still start with 35-40:1 though, I tried 25:1 on my quad while breaking in and had to clean the carb in between each tank.
Break-in mix 28:1 to 32:1...approximately 4 tankfuls to accomplish break-in properly and thouroughly

Regular run-in mixture is 40:1 to 50:1....Im running my stand-up scooter at 100:1 Amsoil mixed with E85 ethanol....The carb and fueltank have to be flushed with regular premix after each running before putting away but the revs are screaming way over 14,000 rpms which makes for a really wicked powerband aswell as topend runs....;)
Thanks everyone i got the agiano running smooth. Took the engine apart on the little bike but cant get it to run
Agiano needs a new engine! Any ideas? Its a pretty big frame su up size? Stay at 49cc? Im not looking to spend a ton
Get an hp B/B head cylinder kit.
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