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help needed gp3 rep rebuild

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hello so as most of you know iv mucked up my crank shaft so i calld up mini moto raceing . co . uk people and he said if i send it to him thats my crank cases and my bearings and the ***%&$£*& up crank shaft then he will fit something calld a bizetaraceing crank shaft in it and also fix my old crank shaft and send them back to me so i hope on munday it comes back all done hers the problam now with this new crank shaft what do i have to do with the bike is the stroke diffrunt do i have to tune the carb i mean i have no idear or with it be a case of just fit then tubes and the caseing and carb on and go? or willl i need to tune because of the new crank shaft some one help and also is this crank shaft hes talking about any good ? for the gp3 rep well can i call it that now all the inerds are polini or bizeta lol if anyone can shed light on this for me plz
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It's probably better than stock crank. On my Cag racing engines I use a full circle crank that takes up more space in the cases and makes more pressure in a smaller space. The GP3 cranks already look like a FC crank. The new crank has better bearings and is probably balanced better than a stock. The crank should not change anything, if it was a stroker crank you would need a spacer under the cylinder and or a different piston.
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