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HELP! Pocket bike problem

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Around 2 years ago I bought a 49cc pocket bike from someone and it worked amazing. I don't know much about pocket bikes so I tried to make my first fuel mix and I didn't know that it must be a specific way, so I just mixed a random amount of 2-stroke oil with some fuel put it. Then i tried starting it and it worked and after a while the engine just stopped and i had to restart the bike. It kept going on like that for 2 days and then all of a sudden when you started it, you could hear a scraping/banging noise. After that i left the bike for a year (with the fuel line on the whole time) and i have recently started finding a solution. The grinding noise was gone, but the bike wouldn't run with the choke on or when you sat down on it. I have recently been looking online and i think it could be the clutch. Can anyone help me?
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Not sure what country you are and what fuel types you use but it is possible the fuel clogged the carburetor.
Check that first, the whike fuel system. Most 2 stroke oils have a ratio of oil to gas. Here in the states, ounces of oil per gallon of gas. Do not guess that could be the end of your engine or loss of performance.
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