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Hey im new and need some advice/help!

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Hey im new to this whole "pocket bike thing" and am debating on buying a used bike. I found one on Kijiji which i'll probably buy tommorrow for 160$?

Can any one tell me anything about this bike? am i over paying? the owner says it was lightly ridden 3 times and runs great! Im just curious what type of bike this is and if it looks like its in good condition or not ! thanks!

All i know about it is its 49cc!

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oh and does any one know if its easy to add a spedometer?
Welcome to the site...the bike youre showing is a Cag..........It looks pretty new but not worth the $160 their asking........Maybe $125.00

You can get a cheap speedometer like the Cateye Velo5...Cheap and easy to install...........
thanks alot :) any one know anything else?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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