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Hey now I wanna play too!!!

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This place sucks as bad as Facebook! I just tried to join today and they told me I joined on the 9th and my username is banana! Isn't that stupid? God can you imagine banana ? oh my! I have tried to change it but so far no good. Oh well just had to rant and rave a little. Anyhow I've tried to post a pic of what I'm working on now.
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You can start it with the chain off or put a bolt through the rotor.

The wheels and tires are extremely unbalanced and you cannot rev it on a stand and sutch
Bolt through the rotor? I need more info please.
What if I take the back wheels off? I understand about unbalanced and all that but everything on this thing is new and I don't know what the first start will be like
. (Go ahead call me paranoid I don't care)
Easiest is to pull the chain off. That way you can break in the engine. I usually do 2-3, 7-10min idles with 25:1, then 32:1 for a couple tanks with very little full throttle. Mostly 1/4-3/4 throttle. But that's what I do.
Easy to pull the chain off? No no! That's a lot of work and then I would need two people to take it off the sawhorses and put it back on them afterwards so I could put the chain back on. That's just too much for this old man!!
Oops my bad😞. I forget to mention that I understand about the break in.
You can remove the chain very easily by taking the four Allen bolts that hold the clutch bell on the engine off.

Make sure you put the clutch Bell back on before starting the engine.
Now my face is red!! However I will need to remove the (uh now I do feel dumb) before the bell.
Is it called pinion support?
Yes if you have the clutch Bell with the additional pinion bearing support on it you will need to remove two additional Allen screws
This thing is so much fun to work on. If I was having any more fun I'd have my pants off! Hope no one takes any offense!!
Well it's finally off the saw horses and on the floor! Sometime within the next day or so I will try to start it. Wish me luck guys!
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The Pocket quad lives again! My nephew rode around the yard a couple of times with no problem. Seems like the clutch didn't slip and the thing even tried to wheelly! He is 62 years old and weighs about 190. Watching him a ride it was sure funny!
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I wish I had had something like this when I was a little kid. Sure looks like it would have been a lot of fun. Oh well bad memories are better than no memories at all.
It would have been funnier if he was dressed as a clown!!
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