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Hi guys i am new from Knoxville tn I need some help identifying my pocket bike

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Well since I cant figure out how to post any pictures. I will just describe it, it has QX40 on the fork, and it is pretty big, it has a 2 chain setup one from a sprocket to the rear wheel and the other from said sprocket to the motor, it does have a 49cc motor with a gear reduction trans though but its not mounted on the frame. Any help would be greatly appreciated
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Thank you for your help Stray Dawg. So another dumb newbie question? Did the cat eyes come with a gear reudction trans?? everything i read about them says it has a cvt trans. I got it for free but it is in peices and came with like 3 motors 2 transmissions and some kind of dirtbike as well.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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