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I searched x19 but it comes up with nothing, nada...

was looking at getting an X19.. few competitors claim a "CR" edition or "R-Fighter" or just a plain X19...

i emailed 3 of the top sellers i found... and im finding conflicting info..

1 seller claims to use 87 octane.. the othersays only 91

1 seller says the bikes DO NOT come with lights or turn signals.. the other says they do..

1 seller says the bikes will only go 30-35mph tops because if "import restrictions, and, unless the rider is 50lbs.. the other claims 70mph.

ok so.. who is right? some of these sellers are mentioned a few times in some of the threads ive been reading. One of the websites shows a video of a rider clearly going much faster that 30-35mph.. so i know its possible

#1. do the bikes have lights and turn signals?
#2. what octane is needed?
#3. Is there a difference in the x19-CR Dominator and the others?
#4. What is the realistic mph with a 200lb rider?
#5. is there a governor that can be eliminated to go past the 30-35mph limit?

any help is appreciated, thanks
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