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how do you add links to your chain and dirt bike exhaust upgrade

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Just wanna know 2 things...
How do you add links to make your chain longer exactly?
Has anyone done a performance exhaust on a mini dirt bike?
I want the jetpro pipe, has anyone done this or known anyone that has?
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get a chainbreaker tool for the chain.
That much i get. Do u press a pin out and does it come out easy? Then to add a link do u press pins thru the new link to existing link and so on?
Do all chains have a master link cos maybe im not looking hard enough on mine and on the master link can u remove the clip and then the link comes apart easily or do u need the breaker tool still?
Thanks, never done this so looking for any and all info.
You have to make sure the chainbreaker tool also mends the chain back or youre gonna need two masterlinks too........

After mending the chain back together its a good idea to remushroom the pins to make sure the link doesnt fall apart........

Thanks everyone for help. Just did the petcock mod, waiting for it to cure so i can drill. See if this helps WOT issues.
Do like me and CAM2 do, buy 10ft of #25 chain that comes w/ 3 masterlinks and make you own chain, for about $14. I grind the pin heads off with my 4 1/2" disc grinder or 8" bench grinder and rip it apart,lol. Not going to reuse that part anyway.
Well i got told by measurement and photo that i have the T8F chain. But ill manage something thats for sure.
Try to find a long piece off T8F 8mm chain w/ masterlinks if you can it much cheaper, I have both kinds, and #420 on the bigger bikes.
Ill look in my friends container soon. Otherwise ill buy master llinks for mine and a breaker tool.
I order my chain and masterlinks from Fastenal. The quality is much better, and the price is great. I think you need to make an account with them though, and some distributors only deal with commercial use buyers. I used my shops account to order and had it taken off my pay :p.
Im actually buying a t8f chain with 70 or so links and 2 master links. Thats enough for my sprockets. I have 57 links now with 14/54 gearing. Im changing from 14 to 17 and also have a 20. So 70 links is plenty. You only go 1 link per tooth ive been told so the most ill need is 63 or 64 and im installing a roller tensioner too. I hit the 37mph with 17 tooth sprocket but the chain was too short and too much tension on the drive gear plus the disc was hitting the inside top of the rear caliper if that makes sense.
Ive bought a 64 link t8f chain with an extra 3 master links/joiners. Do i split the chain in one place and use 2 master links together or do u split it in 2 places and use 1 joiner in each split? My first time so i wanna make sure i dont stuff up...
You'll need at least one of the smaller links inbetween for the masters to go through but I dont think it matters too much how close to each other they are..

Have fun!
So if i split the chain in one place and remove 2 links i can join it up with 1 master? Is that what u mean?
You have a longer chain now, cut off what you need, and add the master link. I put the chain on the bike and mark where I want to cut.
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