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How fast will i go now?

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i had a stocked x18 superbike and i way 120 pounds. my bike went 42 top speed with stock parts. now i put on a high perfomence spark plug, a 22mm carb, 33 sprocket and 17 sproket, and a high perfomence 10k cdi. how fast should i go now
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50-55 maybe more ???
ok thanks. what does a perfomence exhaust do
How did you fit a 33 tooth rear sprocket on your X18 or do you really have an X7...........?

If you do have 17/33 youll go as fast as DP stated...My x22 was geared 17/33 and it went 52 fully modded and with a 25mm carb from an ATC185

Take the time to mod your stock muffler and you can make it a performer exhaust...Theres 5 stages to modding one........

This one is stage 5..its loud

theres a chokeplate inside blocking crazy flow that needs to go............

Heres a deskinned chopped and modded with perforated pipe looks like before being reskinned with the aluminum shield and sealed with RTV

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Using fiberglass heatwrap tape can also add some performance....The wrap keeps the gasses superheated to flow out the end of the pipe fast and furious.....If the gasses cool as they move down the pipe they start a dense charge blockage............That blockage chokes back performance potential...........

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Yes you can do what cam did I did that also and it worked good I only changed my mufflers to bigger ones because I likes the deep burble sound they made lol sounds like a 450 also the more your exhaust flow the more power you will make a engine is really just a giant air pump the more in and out the more power you will make I have a 17t front and 28t rear on my 110 and typically max is 62-67 mph in normal conditions
50-55 maybe more ???
i would think more....i did a mikuni vm22 and opened up the exhaust , and a race cam that didnt seem to make much difference other than idle crappy, and i hit 54 with the stock 17/38 gearing with my fat 255# can on the seat...LOL
i have a x18 17 front 33 rear. i have a 22mm carb 10k cdi and i just got this perfomence exhaust is this a good one and what will be the diffrence with this exhaust compared to the stock
Where did you get the 33 tooth X18, #420 rear gear, I ordered one before from PBParts and the center hole and mounting holes were too small. I drilled out the 5mm mount holes to 6mm and put it on my X7 rear rim. PBParts took that gear off the X18 parts cause it don't fit, not even close.
Sdscooters has 22-48 for the rear I believe
Looks like I am going to have to talk to Hugh at SDScooters.
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