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How fast will it go?

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So I have an X18 (all stock except for air filter and c.d.i.) and am going to install some sprockets (15 tooth front, 28 tooth rear). How fast will it go? I am asking about just top speed, not acceleration. Thanks!
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Mine hit 55 in third on the stock speedo in third w/ 16/28 gears, but 4th was alittle 2 high geared. Put a 15 tooth on but haven't got it on the highway yet. May have to put my 14 on but then will have to deal with the chain rubbing the swing arm, will need a pad.
All bikes and all mods are different it depends on how much you do to the bike motor work bearings tires ect you know all my mods and I was wearing a full suit and helmet gloves and hanging down off the back and under the windscreen so my top speed is technically not real world I'd say all my mods without porting and polishing about 60 -65 real.world speed you don't want to be riding at 10k all day either
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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