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sorry no pics of the install, only of the finished product. it's pretty much straightforward anyway.

1. go to your local pep boys and pick up an APC led taillight bulb # 1157. it's 6.99 and has one huge led in the middle, and about 8 or 9 leds on the outside. make sure there are dual contacts on the bottom of the bulb (two metal circles).

2. go ahead and install the taillight bulb as normal. fits in perfectly (not sure of fitting in the lens, mine was cracked so i can't tell for sure. ask sesshoumaru for fitment questions). just remove the lens from your stock taillight (be very careful, the tabs can break easily) and install the bulb.

3. check to see if the light gets brighter when you pull the brake, if it does, congratulations. if not, proceed to step 4.

4. on the back of the taillight is the harness. what you're looking for are the two main power wires for the center light. they should be red and yellow on the cateyes. just cut these two wires, and connect the red to the yellow, and the yellow to the red. be sure to use female/male connectors or at LEAST electrical tape. once this is finished, your taillight should get brighter when you pull the brakes. then mount the lens and taillight and you're done.

that's how the LED bulb should look like
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