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How to switch high and low beams

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Hey all! Just got my first super pocket bike, used to have a fs509, now X19 is what I go :D:thumbsup: couple quick questions though, and yes I used the search button :cool:, couldnt find anything. How do I switch between high and low beams on the x19, I need to pass a safety inspection so I'm going through the all the motions to get it registered. I'm assuming in michigan you have to be able to switch between high and low, it says on the motorcycle safety checklist that I need high and low beams. How do I switch between them?
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You don't the stock light is both the front they are both on when the switch is on the top bulb is a 194 its only a single filament the bottom is a 1156 also a single filament you need a high low switch and the correct type of bulb to pass and also bulbs that size will not be bright enough to pass the test also you will need a working speedometer and odometer and d o t lights all around and legal tires mirrors ECT ECT
yeah i know what i need i have the list of requirements, headlight is just high enough.

so i need to wire a high low beam switch then?
Yes you need a high low switch but you must also have on headlight on at all times key is on in all states
You need
High low switch
I would use the top light in the fairing/nose as your running light use a 168 or 194 led bulb and wire it so it comes on with key on
Next you can modify the socket for a 1157 3157 3057 ECT any smaller bulb with two filaments like a tail light/brake light bulb and wire the switch to each of the bulb parts try to use a super bright led bulb so it does not melt the lenses all reg bulbs put out way too much heat and will melt it within 5 min
word, thanks for your help bro! =]
No prob lemme know how it works out for ya
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