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What is a pocket bike?

A pocket bike is what it says it is, a miniature version of a real GP racing motorcycle, it just doesn't go as fast as one. There are many different makes and styles available, many of which look just like real racing bikes. They stand about 15 to 18 inches high depending on the model and brand and they weigh anywhere from 35 to 55 pounds. THEY ARE NOT TOYS!

What is a pocket bike for?

A pocket bike is not just your average ride around everyday scooter. A pocket bike is a high performance tuned racing machine… believe it or not! It must be well cared for and must not be misused or abused in any way.

How fast are these things?

Depending on which type you get will depend on the speed of the bike. The speed also varies according to the rider’s weight and road conditions. Most pocket bikes are capable of doing anywhere from 28-66 MPH. (66 MPH is the current land speed record on a pocketbike)

What kind of protective gear do I need?

You should invest in a DOT approved helmet, pads and a body suit. Going at 25mph + does tear jeans and leave some pretty bad cuts and scrapes. NEVER ride without a helmet...Not only do you look stupid but you WILL hurt your self.

Do I Need A License?

These bikes are not for road use, so driver's licenses are not necessary. See your local DMV website or office for more information.

Can I Ride My Pocket Bike On Public Roads?

NO. They are not street legal. They do not possess headlights, turn signals, and brake lights. And do not have Department of Transportation approved tires (since they come with racing slicks). There are 50cc bikes (midbikes / Superbikes) that are street legal in some states, but again they tend to be larger and slower.

What kind of motor does a Pocket Bike use?

Pocket bikes have 2-stroke engines.
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