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Howdy from down under

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Hey boys and girls,

From Sydney Australia
Just got a grc rr
Can't wait to start racing
Starting to paint it

It's gonna be a challenge cause I'm use this riding this

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Welcome to the site Nate. Thats a very nice bike you got your self. Just ride it like your big bike you will do just fine. Thats a BZM 50cc motor just watch out for it lifting your front up when you come out of the corners and keep your weight forward coming out of the corners and when you take off or you will be sitting on the ground. Rememberthats a racing bike so it dont like to go on a sunday cruse its balls to the walls kinda bike and you will burn up clutches if you ride it to much slow. Good luck and keep the rubber side down!!
thanx heaps mate
yeah its a bzm in it, only ridden it 2 meters in my driveway but cant wait till my 1st race meet on the 30th lol
Had fun on Tuesday...came off
Bruised ribs and torn tendant in my foot lol
Bikes not bad though
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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